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Since I got few followers (btw huge thanks guys!) just because of my previous post where I made rather simple makeover for female-sim (from the future sims 4 game) I decided to do another one with male-sim to show you and myself what game could look like with CC. Nothing’ve been changed except the textures on skin, eyes and lips. And the hair.

The second thing I want to say about is some critique I got on my previous work about lighting and “dirtiness” of face textures. So, now I tried to minimize contrast/color adjustments and stuff…Hope it works better!

And the third. I saw this lovely comment where I was asked about creating custom content for the 4th game. First of all thank you, mate! I appreciate that you see some potential in my puny try! :) But I’ve never done my own content for sims games, because I really can’t work with 3d tools and programs like SimPE or whatever it called. But probably I should learn some new things to prepare for upcoming The Sims 4. ;3

This is really good! I wish I could edit like that, tho.


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